Install all SDN controllers from SDN Hub

Step 1: Download VirtualBox

Before install SDN software’s we need to install VirtualBox.

Download VirtualBox platform packages.

Double click on the .exe file to install VirtualBox.

Step 2:  Download OVA file.

This is a 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 image (3GB) that has a number of SDN software and tools installed.

  • Controllers : OpenDayLight, ONOS, RYU, Floodlight, Floodlight-OF1.3, POX and Trema
  • Mininet to create and simulate topologies.
  • Pyretic :Python + Frenetic
  • Wireshark 1.12.1
  • JDK 1.8, Eclipse Luna, and Maven 3.3.3


  1. You can directly download the OVA file from this file server: [64-bit | 32-bit]

 Step 3:  Import OVA file into VirtualBox.

To create a new virtual machine for SDN ,you need to start VirtualBox.

For Ubuntu start VirtualBox

open new terminal (by click Ctrl + T) and type virtualboxPicture2

For Windows start VirtualBox

By double clicking the VirtualBox iconwin.png

The oracle VM VirtualBox manager is displayed, as shownvm.png

Import OVA file

File –> Import Appliance…imp.png

You get a import virtual appliance window to choose a virtual appliance file to import…choose.png

select a downloaded  OVA file from file server and click next to install…select.png

Import window will appear please check allocating at least 2 vCPUs and 2GB memory and then click on import…import.png

Import will take time to load please be patient until it complete its loading…loading.png

After importing completed you can get a virtualbox with your SDN virtual appliance…

Please ensure your virtualbox acceleration and network settings… acceleration should be VT-x/AMD-V, Nested paging, PAE/NX and Network adapter should be in NAT.check

Then start the tutorial by clicking start button…start.png

compilation will take some time to compile and open a appliance…2s.png

After process you got a SDN GUI which is having file system, Firefox, Terminal and Eclipse. 3s

Open terminal and check for available controllers in this Hub…

First change to  root mode

ubuntu@sdnhubvm:~$ sudo -s


root@sdnhubvm:~# ls



Congrats! Now you can simulate your topology with various controllers.Try various topologies with various controllers and check out the tutorials and source codes available in this Hub for your future development.


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