Install the Mininet -SDN Network Simulator

Step 1 : Download Mininet.

Download Mininet herePicture1

Mininet VM Images click here

The VM images are in zipped .ovf format (including .vmdk disk images), and should be usable with any modern x86 virtualization system.

Download VirtualBox click here

Based on your operating system select the appropriate VirtualBox  platform package. After install VirtualBox start virtual machine open new terminal and type virtualbox.Picture2

Step 2 : Install Mininet.

In Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager import mininet ovf file to install mininet in VirtualBox.

File –> Import Appliance..


Browse .ovf by clicking  folder


Click Next


Click Import

Its take some time to install be patient to install… After install you will get a mininet in virtualboxPicture18

Step 3 : To Start Mininet.

Click Start button to start a mininet…Picture3

Which takes some time to start to compile and updates of mininet in VM…Picture4

After mininet started mininet terminal will open it require username and password to start mininet…

Username : mininet             password: mininet


we can’t run our mininet programs with xterm in VM itself, so we need to open mininet in Ubuntu.

Open new Ubuntu terminal to run Mininet… To start mininet in Ubuntu by typing

ssh -Y mininet@


Enter password and get into mininet…Picture7

Step 4 : Working with Mininet.

To Check Mininet is working by the following command.

mininet@mininet-vm:~$ sudo mn


For opening host terminals

mininet> xterm h1 h2


Working with Host terminals. checking with nodes connectivity…

In Node:h2 (To connect server)

root@mininet-vm:~# iperf -s

In Node:h1 (To connect client)

root@mininet-vm:~# iperf -c


We can get nodes details and net details by typing node and net…Picture10

Step 5 : Working with Mininet GUI.

mininet@mininet-vm~$  cd  /mininet/examples

mininet@mininet-vm~ /mininet/examples$ sudo python


You can pick and place the network devices and make a connectivity by blue line and simulate the created network. For Example…Picture14

Setting Network Preferences
Edit ->preferences


 Setting Link Details
Right click on the link ->properties


File-> save to save as a .mn
File ->Export Level 2 script to save as a .py



Congrats! You’ve completed the Mininet installation and few examples. Try out new topology and controllers or check out the more source code available in mininet itself.


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